Property Education. Can you do without it?

As you may know, I am a huge advocate of training and mentorship in all areas of life. The main reason being, I personally need help to stay accountable.

People often ask me how I manage to fit in all of the different aspects in life I do. The honest answer… I ensure someone holds me to it! Accountability has been the biggest driving force within my property journey so far, from so many people. In particular the mentors that I have. I have numerous mentors in various areas of life and value education, mentorship and accountability so highly. I am the first to admit that life can definitely ‘get in the way’…

Prior to getting started in property, I had made pretty much every mistake possible when purchasing and subsequently porting the mortgage from my residential property.

Buying on 100% mortgage, with the wrong lender, with the wrong person, at the wrong time and at the wrong price to name but a few!! So as you can imagine, investing in property for fun was pretty much my idea of hell! Fast forward a few years, and not only am I an established full time property investor, but I now actively encourage and support others to do exactly the same. What was the difference between me buying and ultimately messing up my residential purchase and my current investments? Education and action.

My husband and business partner Chris has always had an interest in property and after a lot of research, deliberating and procrastinating, he finally persuaded me to attend a property event with an established property company. I was still very nervous about investing in property after the disaster I had with my residential property, however I could als see the value in building up a pension pot through property and thought the least I could do was to ‘give up’ one day to both look into what they could offer and also knew it would appease my husband (anything for an easy life)

That was in January 2015 and to say I have never looked back would be an understatement. From ‘giving up’ or rather investing one day, my entire property journey was born. In the last 18 months using none of our own money, myself and my husband have been fortunate enough to build up a property portfolio that generates cash flow which has enabled us to have more choice of how to spend our time, less worries and stress in regards to day jobs and ultimately we have already and will continue to create a pension pot and also a legacy for our two young sons.

Has there been an investment of time and money in our education? YES

Have there been struggles and obstacles along the way? YES

Have there been times when I wanted to give it all up and go back to the normality of a day job and more ‘organised’ stress? YES

These are all important questions. But the most important question of all….

Would I change what I have now as a result? NO, NO NO!

More time with my family, more freedom to choose how we spend our most precious commodity of time and more security in terms of finance than any job could provide. Who wouldn’t want that?

And it’s all thanks to the right type of education. As Jim Rohn says

“Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune” and a fortune can take whatever form you choose

And with that in mind, I urge you all to go ahead and create your ‘fortune’ ….