Our Latest Potential Deals

Our Latest Property Deals

We have been a little quiet here are Owen Oliver Property recently for a number of reasons.

The biggest change being that Chris has left employment after 16 years working in the same small family run business. Something that has been in the pipeline for long time now and the property business has enabled us to achieve.

So things have been SUPER busy here and it is all good fun.

Having spent a lot of time training others in both property and public speaking over the last few months, we have thrown ourselves back into viewings and sourcing property both for ourselves, our investors and our joint ventures and we have come across some absolute gems!!

Having built up relationships with some truly awesome property contacts, we have been given the opportunity to undertake some great property deals that fall under our preferred ‘Buy, Refurbish, Refinance’ Model.

An example of one of the  many properties we have recently been offered is:

An off Market 8 bedroom Semi-Detatched property in a desirable location in Liverpool at a purchase price of £400,000 with a number of routes to take.

This can either be…

*refurbished and brought back to life as an 8 bedroom house for a family wishing to create a fabulous family home and will net over £50,000 as a flip based on comparable properties in the local area

*refurbished to hold. Refinanced to release most of the investor funds out and bring in over £25,000 gross per annum

*converted to 6 self contained apartments which upon refinance can release most of the funds input and bring in over £60k per year gross income

* converted to a 10 bed HMO, releasing most of the investor funds and bringing in over £60k gross     income per year


The beauty of all of these options is that upon refinance you have a chunk of change ready to reinvest in your next property venture 🙂

These are life changing sums of money for many property investors looking to get out of the rat race. For people wishing to generate more income and live a better life. For people who have funds LOSING value in the bank.

This is why we love property so much. Because it can help so many people in so many different ways