Yep, I told you to NAF OFF!

What was your first thought when you read that?


Naf off yourself?

Cheeky Mare? 🙂

Whatever you thoughts, please read on to understand why.

I’m not just being rude 🙂

Its a metaphor for life. It’s something I need to do more of- many of us do!

Having worked with ‘people’ in some capacity in every role ever undertaken, whether that be in my old job as a Human Resources Manager, in property investing, in public speaking, people have always been the focal point.

And one thing I have learned to keep at the forefront of my mind when dealing people in any capacity is to N.A.F.O.F.F







Far too often, assumptions are made or half a story heard and decisions are made. Whether that be to judge someone, work with someone, avoid someone…. Pretty much anything!

Now I am not saying I’m some kind of saint.

And those of you who know me well, can attest to that! Can vouch for the fact that I have made PLENTY of mistakes, have been guilty of judging others or even judging myself and my own capabilities.

Yet we all have the capacity to learn from these mistakes and for me personally, employing the ‘NAFOFF’ method has played a huge part.

I’ve been guilty in the past of judging people before I knew anything about them- I’m guessing you have too?

I have pre-planned my responses for arguments in my head by assuming how a situation will go before I’ve even had the conversation (Chris will agree Im sure) and often its because Ive made assumptions of what people will think, how they will react, how I think things will turn out.

So this post is as much a reminder to myself as an attempt to help others.

Let’s find out facts before jumping to conclusions.

Let’s  review before we react

Let’s remind ourselves to NAFOFF more often.

What word, acronym, quote, life lesson or other will you focus on today? I would love to know.